Whatever the drilling conditions, Southern Drill Supply has the product.

Mud School and MiSWACO technichians available.

Southern Drill Supply supplies all M-I SWACO bentonite and polymer products specifically designed for HDD applications. These products are designed to stabilize the bore by improving filtration control in porous zones, improve suspension of the drilling fluid to maximize hole cleaning, provide lubrication, and aid in inhibiting troublesome clay zones.


Inorganic viscosifier for water-based bentonite muds

DRIPLEX HDD is a specially engineered inorganic chemical viscosifier for water‐based bentonite drilling fluids. It is used to enhance the gel strengths of the specialty MAX GEL viscosifier.

The DRILPLEX HDD viscosifier allows for the formulation of drilling fluids with exceptional shear‐thinning properties. The result is a mud possessing both excellent dynamic and static solids carrying capacity, as indicated by high‐yield point and low plastic‐viscosity readings. When not circulating, the drilling fluid instantly reverts to a gelled state. This state increases the suspending capacity as indicated by high and non‐progressive gel strength readings.


  • High ROP
  • Optimum cuttings transport
  • Excellent solids suspension
  • Superb borehole stabilization
  • Reduced drilling costs

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Wyoming bentonite blended with special extenders

MAX GEL* viscosifier is a premium 220‐bbl yield Wyoming bentonite blended with special extenders, capable of yielding more than twice as much viscosity as regular Wyoming bentonite. MAX GEL viscosifier is an easily mixed, superior Wyoming sodium bentonite for freshwater drilling and boring applications.


Polymer Mud Systems

POLY‐PLUS* polymer is a high‐molecular‐weight, anionic liquid designed to provide
cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilization. POLY‐PLUS additive also acts as a viscosifier,
friction reducer and flocculant. POLY‐PLUS polymer can be used in mud systems using
makeup waters from freshwater to saltwater.

POLY‐PLUS polymer mud systems: The POLY‐PLUS system provides excellent cuttings encapsulation
and improved wellbore stability. Typical concentrations of POLY‐PLUS additive are 0.75–3 lb/bbl
(2.1–8.5 kg/m3). It is also effective in salt muds, such as KCl‐ or NaCl‐enhanced fluids, although
slightly higher concentrations of POLY‐PLUS polymer may be required.

Clear‐water fluids: POLY‐PLUS polymer can be used in clear‐water, solids‐free drilling fluids. The
POLY‐PLUS system increases viscosity and enhances solids removal by flocculating the undesired
solids. It also provides cuttings encapsulation and improved wellbore stability. This system is
frequently used in slim‐hole, continuous‐coring applications. Adding 0.5–1.75 lb/bbl (1.4–5 kg/m3)
enhances solids removal by flocculating solids.


A superior lubricant for HDD, coring, and rotary drilling

ROD EASE lubricant mixes instantly and is not affected by water quality. For this product to deliver
rod protection and reduce torque after drilling has started, consideration must be given to the
number of rods and the amount of fluid in the hole. Treatment can require dosing the system with
several pails of lubricant. Established maintenance levels are required after initial dosage and
treatment. Normal treatment levels are 1 to 2% of fluid volume or 1 to 2 pints (0.473 to 0.946 L) per
100 gal (378.5 L) of drilling fluid. The dosage amount should be increased if the penetration rate
decreases, torque increases, or the run length decreases indicating poor cutting.


  • Reduces torque
  • Prevents rust and scale
  • Environmentally safe
  • Increases penetration rates
  • Extends bit and mud motor life
  • Increases mud motor efficiency
  • Reduces wear on rods and equipment
  • Maximizes rig potential and steering control
  • Enhances the effectiveness of powdered drilling‐fluid additives

ROD EASE lubricant is based on an environmentally safe technology that has proven effective in
lubricating downhole consumables. This product has produced both bit‐life and penetration
increases of more than 25% during drilling operations. Because ROD EASE lubricant reduces torque
and drag, the operator can use the drill rig to its full potential, meaning thrusts and pulls are at a
minimum, and steering control is precise.

Whatever the drilling conditions, Southern Drill Supply has the product.

MiSWACO technichians available.


Viscosifer/Friction Reducer