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Universal Swivel Auger Power Head


  • Auger Speed
    86rpm @11gpm (42 lpm)
  • Height
    23.4″ (59cm)
  • Length
    16.5″ (42cm)
  • Shaft
    2-9/16″ (6.5 cm) round
  • Torque
    960 ft-lb (1300 N) @ 3000p (207 bar @ 11gpm
  • Weight
    196lbs (89 kg)
  • Width
    25″ (64cm)
  • MPN:22806
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  • Recommended for bits up to 24″ (61cm)
  • Direct planetary drive
  • Pivots 15 degrees left to right to insure plumb holeson slopes or uneven terrain

This attachment swivels in all directions to create plumb holes on uneven terrain. The higher speed of this auger power head is ideal for augers up to 24″ (61cm) in diametre. Quickly change between auger bit sizes to dig holes for fence posts, footings, irrigation heads and more!


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